I Am Not A Runner

So if you couldn’t tell, I’m not a runner. It’s not my thing, I don’t enjoy it at this time in my life (leaving room that it’s possible I could like it in the future. Not likely). In fact, I have what you call a love hate relationship with exercise. I’d love to have the body that comes from exercising, but I hate to exercise. It’s been an issue for me my whole adult life. I never had to learn to exercise until after getting married. I was always active enough, I always had time for playing with friends. Then suddenly I actually had to think about exercise, I had to put forth effort for it. It wasn’t just something that happened while I played Ultimate Frisbee or whatever. I had to learn to do it, to make myself do it, and to like it. Because I’m not one of those really weird people that have an innate like of exercise.

Well… 11 years later, I’m still struggling with it. Remember love hate relationship here. What I’ve found is that it’s hard to teach yourself to exercise regularly as an adult (at least for me it is). Also that it’s harder to learn to like it. But I’ve also found that most people don’t like it, even the ones that do exercise. The ones who exercise but don’t like it have been successful because they have been able to put it on their To Do List successfully. No one wants to clean the toilet but we do it (or I hope you do!) So I’m working on changing the way I think about it. Making it something that I have to do, just like laundry and feeding my kids. There are of course those few really weird people who innately love it, and kudos to them, but the rest of us have to force ourselves. And let’s be honest I hate being forced to do things! Ugh, I know it’s good for me… just like I know eating lots of dessert is bad for me. But I love one and hate the other (which is which should be obvious). Yep still expecting a long road on this journey.

haha Thanks Pinterest for this

haha Thanks Pinterest for this

But I keep trying. And maybe one day I’ll be successful at making it a permanent, constant part of my life. Thus far I’ve been able to do good at it for a period of time and then something happens to stop me and I’m back to not working out so much. It reminds me of Ground Hog’s Day. No not the holiday, the movie. I have to keep starting over and over again trying to make it a habit for more than a month. Get sick, don’t work out for a few days while getting better, back to square one. Finally get beck into it (like a month later) pull a muscle, don’t work out, start over, finally working out again, knee stuff or shoulder stuff flares up, take it easy to not injure self…. On and on it goes. But as it is I’m not willing to give up sweets, so I’ll have to make it part of my life. Oh ok, even if I was good with my eating I’d still need the exercise. Fine!

So I’m keeping it simple for now, hoping that it means I’ll keep doing it long term. A few simple exercises each day that takes about 5 minutes or less. And run  jog around my block once, two days a week. Also about 5 minutes or less. I’m putting it on my To Do List ya’ll. I’m gonna make this happen. And hope that this resolve is still here tomorrow, and in a few days, and in a month.

Ironically I signed up to do a 5k with my friend the other day (my 1st 5k). That morning I was ready! To go right back to sleep. But I was determined to do it and excited to hang out with my friend. And heck yah I was going to walk it like no one else, because well, my friend’s walk is becoming more like a waddle these days. (which makes sense since she’s due in a couple months) I didn’t sign up to run, and I never intended to. But I’m glad I did it. It was a good long walk, and a great convo with my friend. We came in dead last, and I was proud of myself for even doing it, and even more for finishing it. And I learned from this (besides that I can walk that far in under an hour) that I’ll never sign up for a race to race. If I ever do it again it will be to do it with someone. No leaving either person behind, just enjoying the journey together. And even though a lot of my friends are runners, I am becoming more okay that I’m not, but also I am more willing to try a little to do it with them. Though not to the point they do, cuz they’re runners and I’m not, so we meet in the middle.

(again from Pinterest) I feel like the second picture and pretend I look like the first when running. But still pretty sure I look like the 2nd

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