Silent House

It’s the first day of school today, and all is quiet. When the boys are home we wish for some quiet, now that they are both in school all day every day I am wishing to have them and their noise back. I miss them already and it’s only been an hour. I didn’t think I’d have a hard time till tomorrow, when it starts to feel like everyday. Now I hope I’m wrong about tomorrow being harder than today! Today is harder than I thought. I now have a second grader with a stylishly toothless grin, and a kindergartener who is excited and nervous. How did they get so big so fast?!

I miss you sweet little boys! I’m excited for all the fun things you will do, and the new, exciting things you’ll learn. I want you to grow and explore, but can’t you stay little and innocent while you do it? I know, as you like to remind me “No mommy, I have to grow up. It’s life.” 


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