I feel like I want to write this morning. But I don’t know what it is. I tried to start a post about telling my Mom about this trial, and then I would use it to actually tell her (shy side of me- always easier to tell someone something if I’m not actually there for it.) I even titled it The Worst Daughter on the Planet. But I got about 2 paragraphs in… and I had no more words. It wasn’t finished, but I knew I couldn’t blog that now.

So now what? I still feel that I need to write. This blog has been therapy for me. It has helped me heal more than I thought I would have over this short time. No… it has helped me more than if I didn’t. There is no thought about it. I have healed more than I would have if I didn’t start this blog. And I’m grateful for it.

I’m grateful for the ability to get my feelings and thoughts out. To share, and to read other’s blogs who are dealing with what life has brought them. We all go through trials here. No one is exempt. We will all go through something that seems like it will break us at some point in out lives. I’m grateful for those who have shared their stories. They have strengthened me. They remind me I am not alone in my doubts, anxieties, insecurities. I’m not alone in my pain, grief or depression. They may not all be the same trials or weaknesses as mine, but they are similar in how they feel to each of us.

It is nice to be reminded that none of us are alone. Even though it feels that way often. We are not alone in struggles or pain, just as we aren’t alone in happiness or joy. There are others here with us, some coming into pain, others finally leaving it for now, some right in the middle of it. And beyond that there is God, and His Son, Jesus Christ. They do not leave us in these times. It may be harder for us to feel them. But they have not left. Many times they carry us through it.

I am most grateful to a loving Father and Brother who have carried me many times in my life. I am grateful for Their love for me, and that They never give up on me. I am grateful for the strength They give me, when I have none left myself. I am grateful to and for my God and my Savior.


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