Thankful Thursday

Yes, I know today is Monday.

I am going to try something new. For at least the next month (a trial period if you will) I am going to talk about something I am grateful for. I’m going to try to have it be something from the week, and we’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday in church one of the lessons we discussed was about being grateful in any circumstance(based on this talk given in April 2014), and I felt like it would be helpful for me to practice this more regularly in my life. I try hard to teach my kids to be grateful for what they have, and I have found that it is easier to teach them than to do it in some instances in my life. But perspective has a strong influence on us, and one of gratitude certainly is a happier one. And so I attempt to change it, one small step at a time. Trying to put on a fresh pair of “perspectacles” to see my life differently. I don’t wear glasses though, and so I know I’ll forget them often, but I’ll keep trying.

See you Thursday.


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