TT: Technology

A double edged sword, technology is fantastic and lame. I tried to start this post yesterday to get some thoughts out while I was in the mindset. A friend came over and I let it sit for a while, then when I got back to it, I tried to add a link and suddenly it was all gone. What happened to auto-save?!

None the less I am very grateful for technology. It gives you the world at your fingertips, allows you to see in the dark, and so much more! I have scriptures in my phone, and a library in my computer. For that matter, I can carry the internet with me! No longer does moving away from family and friends mean saying good bye forever. I can not only talk to them anytime I want, but I can SEE them too! Technology is amazing; it teaches us new things, entertains us, allows us to express ourselves, gives us instant news around the world. With the flick of a switch I can light up a room, or turn on a fire. I can wash my clothes without having to work at it. I can magically send messages through the air and have them instantly received by the recipient thousands of miles away, or right next to me.

Yet the other side of the blade can be just as sharp! It also makes us lazy. People used to dress up to go out to see a movie, now you don’t need to get out of your pajamas or even leave the couch. Just turn on Netflix. There is a fine line between comfort and lazy. There was no auto-correct for me growing up. Now I’m annoyed that it can fix one obvious mistake, but not another just as obvious one. We’ve even started to ignore words or contractions, instead replacing them with just letters. (and hopefully we can figure them all out!) Yep, guilty here too, just look at the title. And to be honest I only know a handful of phone numbers by heart these days (one of which is mine). As a kid I knew tons of them. And something else lame about technology is that my kids won’t have the awesome fun of anonymous prank calls, *69 or *82. But they won’t have to cart stacks of tapes or even cd’s which is nice.

One of the things I love most about technology is the way my boys interact with it. They’ve been playing a lot of Dance Central on the Xbox lately, and as if watching them attempt those moves wasn’t enough, X goes around singing some of the songs. When I think of the word technology I can hear his little voice Technologic, Technologic. (Song Technologic by Daft Punk) So cute! And just for good measure some more entertainment from technology… Google, I love that you can ask it anything and it knows (well most of the time). So without further ado If Google was a guy.


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