Thankful Thursday Logo bI cried all night Friday. And I cried and panicked all morning Saturday. I had to get out! I needed to escape. Not just the house, my life, my surroundings. I felt that at any moment I would burst.

This week has been a bit more rollercoaster-y. Last Friday my best friend here, A, told me that they were going to try for another child. This was a big blow to me, and to date the hardest news to take in this subject. She has gone back and forth over the last year about having another but seemed to finally settle on being done. So even though all this has been hard to take, I had one friend moving on in life with me. One friend who wasn’t going to get pregnant either. My world came crashing down. And I was more alone than ever.

DrH, the most incredible man alive, came to my rescue as always. He is dealing with his own issues, and struggles. He is watched, scrutinized and tested 100% of his time in rotations. This is very hard for anyone to take, but especially an introvert. And then of course when he gets home there are kids, and homework. (Not to mention a wife who rollercoasters through much emotional need) But despite all of his trials, he always comes to my rescue.

He comforts me, takes care of me, loves me even in my crazy times. And he made sure we got out of the house and out of the state Saturday. I can never fully express how grateful I am to him, for him, and that he is mine forever! I am so thankful for his hard work to take care of this family, both at home and out in the world. I am thankful for his integrity and selflessness. I am thankful for his respect, his character and his loyalty. I am grateful for his faith in Jesus Christ. I am grateful for all that he does and all that he is. And my one wish for him would be that he didn’t have to deal with the struggles he has. Ok one more wish is that he didn’t have to deal with me dealing with my struggles either.

I would love to shout it from the rooftops, I’m sorry ladies, but the BEST MAN in the WOLRD is taken! He’s mine and I am his, and I love him!

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