TT: Memories

Oh look! It’s Thursday. Wow that totally didn’t click till now.  Sorry!

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Many days it seems hard to remember much of the past. I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t remember things as well as others, or if it’s because it’s harder to remember those memories while going through this long, and difficult trial(s). Either way, in my day to day life, it’s hard to remember a lot of the past on the spot.

When I stop and really think about it for a while (like trying to remember something specific) then I can get something to come up. And thankfully there are those random times that something happens, some one says something, a smell hits you, and you remember things from the past.

Today as I sit here struggling to know what to do with myself in life, I watched my boys and DrH play a board game. It was such a precious sight. And I thought I hope I can remember times like this! And it hit me. I am grateful for all the memories like this that I have. I’m grateful to remember how cute my crazy boys are (something that was harder to remember earlier today). I am grateful for all the fun things that our little family has been able to experience together. I am thankful for our memories, and for all the ones we will make.

It’s much easier to remember the bad or hard times, but I’m glad they are usually sprinkled with some good, you just have to think a little harder to find them. I don’t remember, well, my boys as babies, but I have pictures that can help me. And sometimes things pop up and I remember something funny they used to say or do. Some things feel so long ago, as if they belong to a distant past that you read about. Like before we had kids. It all ends up going by so fast! I swear the older you get the faster time flies. And so I am grateful for all the many wonderful memories along the way.


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