TT: Thanksgiving Style

Thankful Thursday Logo bI chose to make my thankful posts “Thankful Thursday” because of the alliteration, and as a bonus (one that I only really realized this week) Thanksgiving is on Thursdays. Yeah, I’m an accidental genius.

So how can I NOT do a Thanksgiving themed post this week?! So first up, I’m grateful for Thanksgiving. A chance every year to look at all the good in your life and celebrate it. And celebrate it with food! I love spending the time enjoying good food and good company together. I love everything about it. (but it’s still only my 3rd fav. holiday after Halloween and Christmas)

Secondly, I am grateful for family and friends. The people I get to share this holiday with. In past years it was always with family, but now living so far from them, we get to celebrate it with good friends. It’s nice that we all can continue in the general traditions of the holiday without having to do it alone. It makes it feel like Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all these people in my life (yes even my family, who sometimes most of the time drive me nuts). And most especially for this little family of mine! I love my 3 boys, my Casanovas. (I like to joke that at my house I am surrounded by Casanovas) 2 of them melt my heart while the other holds it.

And as a side note, I am grateful I can do my black Friday shopping in my pj’s Thursday morning before I’ve even started the rolls! mmmmm rolls…



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