TT: A Day Late

Thankful Thursday Logo bPlease excuse my tardiness, travel and seeing people made it difficult to post yesterday. I hope you can forgive and allow a Thankful Th—Friday.

Today I found out that my friend, A, was pregnant, and just today is miscarrying. This was the friend that I had a hard time emotionally dealing with her trying to have another. Today, though, I feel her pain! I know what it is like to have an early miscarriage, and I certainly know the disappointment of trying and not receiving another child. There is no “yes, I’m not alone” in me. I could never ever wish some one else to have to feel even a portion of this kind of heartache. It’s funny because I don’t want to feel alone in it, but never want any one else to deal with it either.

But it makes me grateful for the many blessings I have. And it makes me grateful that I can use my pain and trials to help someone else having to go through something somewhat similar. I am so grateful that we all have experiences to help us grow, but that can also be used to help others feel better. We can’t solve anyone’s problems, but we can let them know how much we love them, that they aren’t alone, that we’ve been there, that we understand. We can tell them what helped us, and maybe some of it will help them to not have to feel as lost in it as we did. I’m so very thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who allows us to help each other and ourselves. I can’t hug her physically right now, but I was able to emotionally from afar. Sometimes a hug is worth more than words. I challenge you all to go out and hug someone today. Share your love, and lift a spirit. And in doing so, you will lift your own.

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