TT: Christmas

Thankful Thursday Logo b“You kids quiet down!”

“They’re kids Grandma, kids are noisy remember?”

“Well they can be taught to be quiet!”

“Umm, ok, but they aren’t really being that loud. Believe me they can be a lot louder.”

“Well! I’ll just go home then!” Mumbled as she walks away to the next room. By the time she gets there, though, it has already been forgotten. And I hear her from the next room, “What’s this movie about?”

That’s not the first time she’s asked that either.

That was a fun hour alone with my Alzheimered grandma.  What happened to meeting here at 1:30 everybody?! Today definitely had some very irksome moments. And by some I mean a lot. I would rather spend Christmas at home with my little family. But since all of my siblings flew out this year, it was the right thing for us to fly out too. Besides it’s been 2 1/2 years since we’ve seen my oldest brother’s family. And it’s made my mom so happy to have us all here at the same time. So I try to let it roll off and be ok.

Despite not liking visiting for Christmas, it’s nice to see everyone. And really what this day is all about is one child’s birth. And that is what I am most grateful for out of everything in my life. I can never repay Him for what He has done for me, or given me. I can never live up to the same standard. But that is not what He asks of me. Only that I try my best, and continue to endure and keep trying. He doesn’t care that I make tonz of mistakes, only that I give an honest try and a sincere apology when needed. Only that I keep learning and growing. He is not insistent that I am perfect now. Only that I allow Him to make me into something better than I could myself. His love inspires me, encourages me, and comforts me. He knows better than I what I need to become better, and how to help me. For Him I am most grateful, especially at this special time of year to celebrate it!

Merry Christmas!


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