TT: Winter

Thankful Thursday Logo bSo… there are many days that I can’t wait for the winter to be over. SERIOUSLY! And where I live it lasts a few extra months. Ugh. Snow won’t melt until mid-April. But all in all I love this season. (Well I love all the seasons for their differences.) And we have a lot of fun in the snow. Sledding, building snowmen and forts, watching my kids learn how to snowboard down the hill in our backyard. Hot cocoa and snuggling under blankets next to the fire. Ice skating, sleigh rides. And then there’s the beauty of it! Everything clean and white, the plowed roads and dark bare trees in contrast. Holiday lights in decoration, and the beautiful pastel skies that are only present with snow on the ground.07

As many days as there are that I can’t wait for it to warm up and the snow to melt so I can ride my new bike, I am so grateful for the contrast that winter brings with all it’s fun and beauty. It reminds us how thankful we are to live in such a world where we have heated homes and modern conveniences. Heated cars and even heated seats in those cars, warm running water, ovens you don’t have to use firewood to cook with. Boots rated for -25, and warm cozy coats. Winter is a great season, and not just because of the holiday part of it, but because it’s winter.

One more note: highs in the negatives or single digits are not included in this thankfulness! And I still can’t wait to ride my new bike!08


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