TT: Electronics

Thankful Thursday Logo bYep a day late. Well I spent 2 hours driving down to Hobby Lobby yesterday, and then -yep you guessed it- another 2 driving back home. Kids off school = well a lot of things, but making them do something I want sometimes. But it also means electronics.

Can I tell you how thankful I am for them sometimes? Yes they should be limited, yes they need to be age appropriate, yes sometimes we do them way too often. But people they are also sometimes my babysitter, a distraction so the kids don’t fight at the store while I try on clothes. And sometimes I think How in the crap did our parents do it?!  It helps to remember that we were able to actually go out and about to play with friends without having to make a play date etc. But man sometimes when I just want to get stuff done, read a book, take a nap, electronics are my best friend.

And yay it’s Friday! Almost time for them to be off break and back at school.


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