TT: An Ending

Thankful Thursday Logo bI’m sorry. I know that lately my Thankful Thursdays have been more like Thur-Fridays. But I’m not gonna beat myself too much, since I’m still getting it done. I mean usually I can be consistent with something new for like a month and then it starts getting left behind here and there, so I’m pretty proud of keeping this up. (and as another brag- pretty proud that I’ve been consistent with going to the gym 2x’s a week for the last 2 months as well. Me and exercise don’t get along so well.)

ANYWAY. On the actual post. Today is pretty simple. I am grateful for the end of 3rd year! This is exciting because it means we’ve survived 3 years and only have one more to go till DrH graduates and is an official Dr. (Though we aren’t thinking about the 6 years after that of residency). Seriously to day is his last day of 3rd year and then we get a week off. YAY!!!!!!!!

I’m so proud of all the hard work he has done thus far. He is a great man, a great friend and husband, a great father, and will make a great Dr.


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