Thankful Thursday Logo bToday is my oldest’s birthday. So it only feels appropriate to talk about how grateful I am about him. He is super smart, and oh so sweet. He can be very thoughtful when he’s not totally oblivious to everything around him. He’s funny, playful, upbeat, and all around happy. He minds pretty well, and tries really hard to make good choices. He’s curious and has a zest for life and people.

He loves to play, and dance (dance central has been helping his awkward moves and lack of rhythm). He is my sweet angel and I can’t believe he’s already 8! Where did the time go? I am grateful to have him as my child. He makes me crazy, but also makes me smile. I miss his cute mis-sayings like marote (remote). But it is also a treat to see him grow and learn. I wish he could stay little forever, but since that’s not an option I’ll take him growing into the kind boy he is, and the great man he will become.010

Happy birthday little man.


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