Thankful Thursday Logo bDid I mention that this is birthday season at our house? J last week, DrH this week, then a short break till May for X. It’s crazy, busy, and exhausting. But also a lot of fun.

And I have to say that I LOVE having DrH home. Seriously folks, if he could get paid to spend everyday with me I’d be a happy girl. BUT, his being home also throws off my grove with certain things. (like getting this post up on Thursday) Of course, though I’m not complaining that his schedule has been so lax this week, I love it! And am trying to soak it in since next month I won’t be seeing him much. Ah the glories of hard rotations, this next one should have him “working” from 7am to 8/9 pm.

Which brings me out of rhapsody and back to the post. DrH is a very hard working man. I’m grateful for it. And I’m grateful for all the hard work he puts in at home too. He loves us, and plays with us (even when he’s too tired for it), and takes such good care of us. I love that he has fun playing video games to distress. I love his loyalty, honesty, and integrity. He’s strong, funny, playful, yet sensitive and loving. And I love everything about him!!! (okay, maybe not the part where he likes to tickle me and scare me- that’s why we had kids right?)11

Thank you DrH for all that you do and all that you are! I love you more than I could ever express.


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