TT: Nothing

Thankful Thursday Logo bI’m feeling somewhat at a loss of what to write today. Not that there aren’t many things I am grateful for. But life has gone back to normal starting yesterday. Before that we had 2 birthdays, a baptism, family in town, DrH had a week off, then a 2 week course with a REALLY laid back schedule. And now family is gone, boys are in school, DrH is back to “regular” (which means long and crappy) schedule, my pottery class is over, and I find myself once again trying to figure out what to do with myself, and what it was I was doing before all that craziness started.

When I feel this way, it’s hard for me to write. I don’t feel like I know what to write about, and sometimes I don’t feel much like writing. I have no words of wisdom, no great stories or ideas. Nothing that comes flowing out like at other times. Everything feels just blah. I feel blah.

So here I am to write about nothing. But I guess that’s ok sometimes. Not all of life is great words and moments, I know, but sometimes it’s hard to be ok with the blah days. So here are a couple things (that really aren’t a post by themselves) that I am grateful for: this blog, a place to write, a place of no judgment even when I write about nothing. A place to heal, to keep me writing and reflecting.

My gym membership, since we got back from Christmas vacation I have been running at the gym a couple times a week. This is exciting because 1- I hate exercise and especially running, and 2- I’m not good at continuing to regularly exercise past a month or so. I’m grateful that I’ve been able this time to keep it going. Yes I’ve missed a week or day here or there with kids being off school and such, but then I get right back to it when I can.

And finally the good moments. Not all of them can be classed as days, sometimes it is only a moment here or there that we feel the sunlight. Moments of peace and contentment. Moments of feeling God’s infinite love for us. In those moments I am truly happy. I wish I could have them all the time, but unfortunately that’s not realistic. And in times when I feel like I do today, I need this place to write and help me remember to focus on those good moments in my life.


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