A Few of Those Moments

There are occasional moments in our lives that remind us how lucky we are. Times that remind us how good we actually have it, of our blessings. Are we recognizing them for what they are? Or do we miss some of these moments, only seeing some of them?

Monday I took J to the Pediatrician. Only about a month late for his annual check-up. I knew that everything would go well, we didn’t have any particular concerns or anything. But the really great part was having some alone time with him. Checked him out of school for the appointment, and man did we have some fun. We talked and played, teased and tickled the whole way through. We played the quiet game, had staring contests, and I made silly comments or sound effects for a picture search book while he found the pictures. We laughed our heads off. I’m pretty sure everyone there could hear us. This was one of those moments.

Then yesterday when the boys got off of school, J was sick. Oh the irony! And as he laid around feeling lethargic I had another of those moments. It was nice to have two of those moments so close together about my little J. (Who is not so little anymore. Only a foot more and he’ll be my height.) It was also nice to have them in different ways, one playing around, the other taking care of him, and helping me see him little a little. And yesterday’s moment just reinforced Monday’s moment, how nice it was to have that play time together. Both moments just made me remember how blessed I am to have him in my life, how much I love him and his little personality.

And as sometimes happens, reflecting on these moments created another moment. A moment of gratitude for my husband and all he does. I’ve been missing him a lot this last week (currently on a crappy rotation schedule, every 4th day is a 15ish-16ish hour day one day off/week). But I’m so glad to have him in my life still. We’ve been married 11 1/2 years. We’ve had many ups and downs. Over the past few years it’s seemed like more downs, and it took a toll on us. And in this moment of reflection I was reminded of how grateful I am that DrH decided to stick in there and work through it with me, instead of cutting and running. How blessed we are to have a Father in Heaven who will not give us another baby so that we can work on our marriage and selves in order to have a full relationship with each other. Am I still sad about not having a little me running around, yes! But fixing me and my relationship with DrH is more important and God knew that before I did. Of course.


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