TT: To Be Alive

Thankful Thursday Logo bI didn’t know that my shower head was part of the mafia.

You know when you’re drying off, trying to get the first foot dry before you step out and dry the other, and in that awkward balance the shower head pees on you? I talk sarcastically (in my head) to my shower head in those moments. Of course you would! Couldn’t wait 2 more seconds till I was out huh? Thanks a lot! What I didn’t know is that shower heads can hear your thoughts. And apparently mine is a part of the mafia. It’s been threatening to kill me lately.

On occasion, always when I’ve “thought” sarcastically at it, just moments after I get out of the shower and am still drying off the shower head will dramatically plummet to the floor with a crash. And I think an apology to it, and thank my lucky stars that I’m still alive and unharmed.

I’ve stopped thinking sarcastically at it and it has stopped threatening my life.

(and yes, I just set an alarm on my phone to help make sure I get this series of posts done actually on Thursdays)


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