TT(Sunday): Parents

I’d like to start out by saying that I did set an alarm on my phone last week to remind me to blog. (and that I remembered Thursday morning, but couldn’t get to it at that time) And then the new glass for my phone finally got in, and I took my phone to get repaired on Tuesday. They said it would be about an hour to my husband, when I got there they said maybe 2 but told me to come back in 3. Well it’s Sunday and I still don’t have my phone back. They said the wrong piece came in, which I translate to mean they ordered the wrong piece. Soooooo…… yeah less than thrilled with this whole thing. The only good thing is that I’ll get a discount, but I’d rather have my phone back. What they gave me in the mean time? Well it’s the size of an Ipod Nano. And I get to ghetto text, you know the kind when texting first started? Pushing the number 7 three times to get the letter R. And it all comes in caps with no punctuation. Ummm… yeah.

So besides that fun (and some car stuff I’m not getting into- but let’s say it’s just as lame and long taking!!!!!) my parents’ anniversary is today. And I realize that I don’t even know how long they’ve been married/what year they got married. I know it’s been at least 41 years since my brother was born in ’75. My parents are hard working, kind folks. They love their family and doing things with us. They taught us well and try their best to be there for us. They love the Lord and their church (also LDS). They have many flaws like us all, but always try to learn from

I loved doing puzzles and watching Star Trek the Next Gen with Pops as a teen. (which funny story, I started calling my dad Pops as a teen and now everyone does. He plays Clash of Clans with my family and a bunch of other people we know so now all our friends call him Pops too.) It was also fun cooking with him and entering a couple of dutchoven cooking comps together. His favorite presents to get were always black socks, graham crackers and milk. And I don’t know that growing up I ever got him anything else. I totally get my money sense from him, which means I think everything is way over priced. And I love that he has my grandpa’s (his dad) sense of humor.tap shoes

As for my mom, she also plays Clash of Clans with the group. (which let’s face it my sis in law and I are the only 2 in the family to not play) So for coming up with a name for it she went with Moms, lol it just keeps spreading. My absolute favorite memory of my mom is her hugging a complete stranger thinking it was my dad. We came out of a store and she sees this guy and starts walking over to him saying, “Why didn’t you tell me you were getting off early?!” She then proceeds to give him a hug, only after pulling away does she realize and say, “You’re not my husband, sorry.” We all just sat there in disbelief. He did not look at all like my dad, and we were all wondering who this guy was she knew and was going over to. Even now I can see this story vividly in my head. Soooooooooo funny. We have completely different personalities and taste, but she is a great mom. I really enjoyed going to NYC with just her and my cousin for a couple of days during high school. She’s great at sewing, (made my wedding dress!) and taught me how to dance. (When I was a kid she taught tap and ballet out of our basement)

Happy anniversary Mom and Pops!

Star Trek pict source

Tap shoes source


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