TT: Stuff

I am super grateful to have gotten my car back this week. FINALLY! I can’t believe it took a month and a half people. But it looks good and runs good, so I can’t be too mad. I’m just glad not to have to think about what car to look for in the parking lot anymore, and to have my sunglasses too! Wish I would have remembered to get those out when we dropped it off. And I feel at home again. Driving that other car was like squatting in a house- which the only experience I have with that was 2 weeks in a crappy rental, waiting for our stuff to arrive.

Unfortunately the phone situation is not better. We actually got it back the same day as the car, but found out that evening that I can’t hear people when they call me. They can hear me, I can hear ringtones and notifications, but no people. Sigh.

But moving on…

It’s good to have the reminder that we can survive with out our stuff. It’s just stuff, there’s always more stuff. And though I am attached to my car, I am reminded that it’s just a thing, and not to get too attached. As for the phone, yes I want it back (AGAIN) quickly, but I’m not texting as much or surfing as much. So I guess that’s a good thing. Except when DrH works 7a-9:30p like today, and I’d like to hear his voice once. Oh well, this rotation is almost over too.


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