Now What?

I started this blog helping me get through some tough emotions/situations. Then some more stuff came up, that I didn’t really blog about. I just couldn’t bring myself to share it, even in my anonymity. I still sometimes struggle with this last trial, mostly how to reconcile my feelings and to know the truth from the lies in those feelings. I still deal with occasional depression (it is a life time issue, even if you don’t have to deal with it as much at times). Sometimes seeing super cute little girls still makes me sad. But mostly when it comes to this blog I keep asking the question, now what?

I haven’t written much other than my Thankful Thursday posts. And in honesty, I may not have written anything if I hadn’t set myself that weekly task. I’m glad I set it though. It has helped me think about the good in my life a little more often. And it has kept me writing. But I haven’t been sure where to go from here. What to do next with this blog. Yes I can and will still have posts helping me deal with situations, yes I’ll still have Thankful Thursday’s, but there seems to need to be more. I mean I want to post more than just the TT and I’m sure you’d like to see more than that. And since the other posts are coming few and far between right now I need something else to be able to blog about. That and I don’t want it just to be a blog about me getting through tough times. I want it to be about good stuff too.

So I’m going to try and share some of my photographs. I’ve already put a couple up, but I’m going to do some photo specific posts. And who knows, maybe that’ll get me to get through the long queue of them on my desktop that need fixing and weeding before finally getting to their final destination on the PC.

So I’d like to know, what types of photos speak to you? What do you love to see? I’d like some ideas to get me out shooting again for fun (which usually only happens right now on family trips).

3 thoughts on “Now What?

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m just trying to get some ideas to start me going. Also it’s fun to see what moves others, and then see if you can produce something like it. It can help you see the world differently and expand what moves you.


      • I’ll give you the assignment I gave my son last night, if your looking for one. The Color Red. Run around your house/neighborhood taking pictures of red objects. His assignment tonight will be to take pictures of 2 things that are similar but not the same. 😉

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