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I love photography. I have ever since I can remember. I got my first camera when I was 8. A Vivitar. Man was that thing tough. I put it though a lot, and somehow it was able to keep up. Probably because it didn’t have any computerized parts. I remember one time being on a girl’s camp (a camping trip for the girls in our area in our church) and walking through a river. I slipped on a rock and fell forward. My camera I had jimmy-rigged to hang from a rope necklace, and as my hands came to the water my camera was slipping in. It got fully dunked (thankfully I didn’t) and while under hit a rock. Even with all that it came out fine and still working. And none of the film was ruined. Ah the good old days.

1st picture taken with the Vivitar

1st picture taken with the Vivitar

When I was 16 I got my first SLR. A Pentax. It was pretty sweet. I had to talk my mom into it. For her, she wanted to get all her daughters a hope chest when they turned 16. I told her I’d let her get me one later, but that I’d have more use for the camera at that time. I eventually won, and yes for a later birthday let her get me a hope chest. (also yes, I was the only one out of 3 girls to not get it for my 16th birthday) The Pentax was the camera I went through all my photography classes with. From high school to college, it was my best friend. (ok not really, but I really super liked it!!!!!) I carried it most of the time with me, or it was in the trunk of my car.

In high school I learned to play and have fun with pictures. I was introduced to the workings and usings of the dark room. And I was introduced to scanning and Photoshop. I loved taking pictures and learning more about it. And it was an excuse to “have” to take more pictures. Plus, I mean, I got to be in the dark room in high school… poor young people who will never get to know what that was like. Ok, I did make out once in the dark room, but it was only the one time. Mostly working in the dark room was like heaven. Serene, fun, focused, and a bit like using an entire period of the day to just hang out and play.

In college I learned more in depth about it all. How to use my camera, how to manipulate the exposure and the printing. I learned about studio lighting and work. I learned more in depth about Photoshop, no longer was I trying to teach myself, but learning more 0f what it could do. The year I graduated with my Associate’s in photography was the around the time that digital camera’s were starting to really take hold. Circ. 2003. They were starting to come out with some decent digital SLR’s around that time, but still no where near where they are today. And I remember swearing that I’d never “go digital” because it couldn’t compare with the depth, quality and vastness of film. You simply couldn’t do some things with digital that you could with film and paper.

Where the Pentax currently sits

Where the Pentax currently sits

Ha! I got my first digital SLR right before my 1st kid was born. See in college, when you still had to pay for film, and processing/printing, my choice was to move out of my parent’s, or go to school for photography. I simply didn’t have enough to pay for both. And since graduating (got married later that same year) I hadn’t really taken many pictures. We were poor newly weds, DrH was trying to figure out what he wanted to go to school for, and was still taking some classes (what am I saying!? He’s still taking some classes). So we didn’t have money for film, processing and printing. So when we were pregnant I knew something had to change. I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t take pictures of my children. So I took the plunge. My first digital SLR was also a Pentax, I already had lenses for that type of mount and it made sense to go with it because we didn’t have money to get more lenses on top of a new camera.

When DrH graduated with his Associate’s as an X-ray tech I talked him into letting me get a better camera. And I upgraded to the Canon 5D mark I. I think the mark II was already out at that time which helped reduce the price. But I’ve always been particular about quality- especially when it comes to photos, so I always knew that I would always want a professional grade camera. And then a couple of years ago I was able to upgrade to the mark III. What’s a few thousand more in debt compared to the aprox. 300,000 in debt that comes from going to Med School? It’ll be some time before I ever get another camera, but I’m super happy with the one I have so that’s no biggy to me.

Along the way of life, somewhere, somehow I lost some of my love and enthusiasm for photography. It would pop up when going on trips, and I would snap away. But in the day to day, just getting out for the soul purpose of taking pictures, well, it waned. But lately it has been sparking a little here, a little there. Maybe it’s because Spring in finally springing here. Or maybe it’s because the cloud of depression has been lessened and I can feel it again. Either way, I’m glad to start feeling it again.


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