Family Fun Night

Once a week (aprox) we try to do what we call Family Fun Night. We take turns choosing an activity to do as a family. It ranges from having a “Stuffy Fight” (throwing stuffed animals at each other- actually pretty fun) to paying for dinner or activity. It’s been good for us. It helps us be closer as a family, and helps remind us to have fun together, and that we can/should. And I really like that we each get a turn to choose something. It teaches us to share, take turns, and we get to feel special that we get to choose something that we all have to do.15This week has been incredible weather wise. Yesterday was our FFN, J chose to go to a local place for soft serve ice-cream (known around here as creamies). We biked on over and got some DELICIOUS maple creamies. It was a lot of fun, perfect weather for it, and so relaxing. Just slowing down our world and enjoying the breeze, scene and of course the cool ice-cream. Plus with the nicer weather lately I’ve finally gotten to ride my new bike a bunch. And I love it!16 14It’s kind of crazy that within a couple of weeks we’ve gone from cold miserable weather to summery weather. And you instantly forget how long the winter is here.

Just a few weeks ago

Just a few weeks ago


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