TT: Faith

Thankful Thursday Logo bSometimes this life is not so pretty. There can be much ugliness and chaos surrounding us in this world we live in. Hatred, death, cruelty, greed. . . . What I am most grateful for in this life is the peace that comes despite, and amidst the turmoil. The peace of Christ.

Following Christ does not take away pain, sorrow, and trials. But it does give you strength to make it through, to hold on. It gives you perspective. It brings comfort. It gives guidance and help. And it reminds you that you are never truly alone, for He is always there for you, with you.

From the smallest, most seemingly insignificant thing, to the most painful and horrible trial, He is there. If it’s important to you, it is to Him. His way may not always be the way we would choose, but it is the better way. A way to growth or healing. A way to make us more than we ever imagined. A way back home, to Him.

I am most grateful for His kindness, patience, willingness, and most importantly His forgiveness. May we all be more forgiving and patient with others, and ourselves. If we could there would be much less of those uglier traits in this world.


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