Thankful Thursday Logo bThis is week is B2’s birthday. And with it ends birthday season at our house. This little guy is such a delightful addition to our family. He’s funny, sweet, cuddly and cute. He is the biggest momma’s boy you’ve ever seen, and I’m not at all sad about that. He loves to learn and play, and knows how to have fun.

J meets X for the 1st time

1st things 1st – kiss little brother

Instant BFF's

Instant BFF’s

He is my shy guy. I was very shy as a kid, and I see that reflected in X. Though seeing other kids do something, especially big bro, makes him more confident in doing it too. Honestly I think his shyness is super cute. He is NOT shy at school, and he is NOT shy at home, but if his teacher and I are together suddenly he IS shy. He loves to explore the world around him, and is more aware of the people and world around him. He definitely has his oblivious moments, but on a whole is aware. He doesn’t like to be alone, or do things alone. Probably something else he got from me, but luckily he got all his looks from his dada. Seriously he’s DrH’s mini-me. He has great spunk and character, and is such a thoughtful little guy. And as sad as I am to see him get bigger, I know that he will also become a great man. I can’t believe my baby is 6!19Happy birthday sweet boy!


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