Days of Yore

*69, *82. People under 30 probably have no idea what I’m talking about. The days of my childhood. I remember the days before cordless phones, internet, modern internet, cell phones. My dad actually had one of those 80’s bricks for work. I clearly remember it. And though laughable now, back then it was pretty cool. That was also when all your printer paper was attached together and had the side pieces with holes to feed it through. If you were careful you could make a banner without having to tape it together. Pagers came out, and quickly died out (except for Dr’s). Digi-pets, actually floppy floppy-disks, cassette tapes, VHS (be kind please rewind), CD’s and giant laser disks, zip disks, not so floppy floppy-disks.

These are my days of yore. My generation remembers life before modern technology. We watched it grow up. And we grew up with it, we’re childhood friends. It’s kind of crazy to me to think back, just a short time ago technology was sooooo different. And kids today will never know. They’ll hear crazy stories of “when I was a kid.”  But never know what it’s like to BE the TV remote, or antenna. Never fathom how screens could be so big and bulky.  Never know the awesome sound of dial-up internet, or the fun in walking around a Blockbuster. “What is a blockbuster?” They’ll laugh at the thought of carrying a Walkman, or even crazier, a boom box.  All of these things will just be weird relics of the past to them.

And we, we are blessed to know both sides. To know all the generations of technology, and to have used most of them.


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