TT: Weekends

Thankful Thursday Logo bFeeling pretty anxious today. While babysitting the toddlers across the street found out that something got broken a few days ago while the boys were playing with friends. It’s hard to deal with stuff like that when you have to follow the toddlers all over the place. Oh, and we rent, so we can’t just ignore it. Ugh

Another reason I’m feeling anxious is that I agreed to take 1 year photo’s for a friend today. Any time I do stuff just for fun like that I’m fine, the minute it’s a set up thing I feel anxious. As if I’m suddenly going to do a horrible job. Lol, you’d think with digital cameras and the ability to see things right away I wouldn’t have this problem anymore.

Oh and DrH get’s to work a 24 hr shift tomorrow. 😦 Deep breaths… And just for kicks we switched over to Windows 10, but are having an issue with screen resolution so everything looks really fat and short. I can’t work like this people! Luckily the weekend is coming and then DrH will be able to figure out why I can’t download the drivers we need to fix it. And I guess I just found my thankfulness today. So glad the weekend is right around the corner, and that DrH has them off this rotation.

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