TT: Anniversary

Thankful Thursday Logo bI can’t believe it’s really been 12 years. Sometimes it feels like we’ve always been together, yet it also feels like it can’t really be 12 years already. I can’t imagine having to spend these past 12 years with anyone else. Life hasn’t taken us where we thought we’d be. We’ve had many ups and downs. But instead of the struggles pulling us apart, we’ve come together to get through them.

DrH is so patient with my quirks and awkwardly shy personality. He puts up with my insecurities and fears. He helps me be a better person. I love him! And am forever grateful for these 12 years with him by my side. I’m grateful that we didn’t let our trials drive us to divorce. Here’s to another 12 years just as wonderful, and an eternity of getting to be together.


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