TT: Long Weekend Fun

Is it Thursday already?! It seems like it was just barely last Thursday.038So over the long weekend we enjoyed some fun family time. We tried our hand a local hike. It was said to be one of the easier ones on this particular mountain, but holy cow! We didn’t make it to the top like I’d hoped, but we did get pretty far. It’s funny, I sort of found out that I’m not much of a fan of moderately hard hikes. I much prefer the leisurely stuff where you get to really enjoy the surroundings, not just passing it while trying to get through the hike. But after all is said and done we did have fun together.Thankful Thursday Logo bAnd then Monday we did a trip to Plymouth. I didn’t even realize it was Labor Day until a few days before the weekend. So this trip to see how the Pilgrims and Indians lived got moved up. It was so much fun learning more about it, and really getting the feel of how it was back then. Seriously recommend it to anyone!039 040 041 042 043


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