Thankful Thursday Logo bMIA: Last week you may or may not have noticed I missed my Thankful Thursday post. Excuse, excuse, excuse… pretty much I forgot then had a bad day the next day. So onto this week.

Mostly I’m thankful my husband is back today. Being in the 4th year of medical school means a lot of traveling for interviews for residency positions, and a couple of national tests. One of those tests is referred to as CS2. It’s where you see a bunch of pretend patients(with pretend issues) and diagnose them. Not a big deal in the way of tests, but there are only 5 testing centers in the US for this. So on top of the exorbitant med school debt, and the thousands you’ll end up spending just to go to interviews, oh and the thousands you already spent to sign up for the test (not to mention all the money you spent previously on tests, and will on future ones) you get to pay to go out and stay for this all day long test. You’ll have to get there the day before and spend the night since the test starts early and goes for 8ish hours. Our choices were to have DrH drive 7 hours the day before, spend the night, take test and spend the night, then drive back. Or to fly in, spend the night, take the test and fly home late.

It ended up being a little less expensive to fly, and he wasn’t gone for 3 days only 2. So I picked him back up from the airport last night at midnight thirty. And am very tired this morning, but also super grateful he isn’t still gone today. (I’m one of those weird people who loves to spend time with their spouse and not spend days away from each other)


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