Eclipse 1With the eclipse coming I knew I wanted to take some good pictures. Not the tiny dot of a moon pictures, but big moon. So I set out on the trusty old net to see how to get the moon looking bigger than what I’d previously gotten. I found out that it’s all in the length of zoom. My best is 200. It’s a pretty good zoom, but for the moon still not quite what I wanted. The best I saw was 800, and it was beautiful, but only a dream for me. And even 400 (double what I had) seemed like a dream, a new lens is not in the budget. Even a teleconverter (lens that goes between your camera and lens to increase your length- 1.4 or 2 times) was out.Eclipse 2 Or so I thought. I found that I could rent one online for a reasonable price, and shipping? it included both ways. Yay! Break out my happy dance, I could now take pictures at 400 with a 2x teleconverter for $50-$60 (3 day period rental). And so I did. Yes. I could have rented a longer focal length lens, but they were a bit pricier and DrH is still in med school after all. Eclipse 3I packed up the family and set off to take pictures. The boys loved staying up late and running around a field in the dark. They also thought seeing the earth’s shadow was cool. Before it got too late we settled them on a blanket with pillows and covered them with another blanket. And they drifted off to sleep under the stars as I continued to take pictures. These are my faves at different stages of the eclipse from Sunday night. (still cropped in from the original)


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