TT: Surviving

Thankful Thursday Logo bDrH left Tuesday morning before people should have to get up for his 2 weeks of residency interviews. So this week I am grateful for surviving being a single parent. It’s been really helpful to have a few things lined up with friends so far. It gives me something to look forward to, and something fun to distract me from missing him.

Honestly it’s been better so far than I thought it would be. But of course we’re only a few days into the 2 weeks, so I can’t speak for how I’ll be feeling at the end of all this. For now? Celebrate how it’s going.

The stint of photo shoots has died down with the leaves dropping, but the weather this week has been gorgeous!!!!! It’s hard to believe with this weather we are in November, but I’m not complaining! And before it starts getting cold and snowy, here are some more pictures from the Fall.049 050 051 052 053


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