TT: Jobs

Thankful Thursday Logo bI know I’m super late in getting this post up. I’m still getting used to the new schedule of things, because…. I got the job! It was all pretty crazy, I sent in my resume in the morning, got a call just a couple hours later for the interview that afternoon, then a couple hours after the interview got a call with the job invitation. And started 2 days later. (Sort of thinking the Man upstairs wanted me to get a job… :) )

Craziness. Really. But it’s 3 days a week and its not retail! It’s exciting stuff. The first day I felt super out of place. You know how first days are, I wish we could just start a couple weeks in, when we are feeling settled and normal. But the next two days got better, and I’m getting used to it. I still wish I could be off in time to pick the boys up from school, but finding something that I don’t have to do weekends, or evenings is great. I get off at 4:30 every time, and have a set 3 days. As hard as it is to get used to new things I’m super grateful for this new change. I’ve definitely needed it, and the finances could use it too. (I mean DrH isn’t making anything while in school, and it’ll be a while before we can pay off the debt of going to med school).

So over the next few weeks bare with me as I try to figure out scheduling of getting things done in my new schedule.


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