TT: The End

Thankful Thursday Logo bSorry about totally forgetting last week, I’m going to go with the excuse of new job and single parenting with the hubs out of town. Today I’m grateful for interviews being over. Yay! I’m glad that DrH had the ones he did, but I’m so over him coming and going so much. It seemed pretty constant. I even started a job and went 2 weeks without him home. This week it’s been weird to be the one leaving before him in the mornings, but I’ll take him being home over gone anytime!

As far as work goes, it’s pretty good. I’m finding my rhythm and getting to know the people and the job. And on top of all that (as if feeling more comfortable at work and getting to see your husband isn’t enough) Christmas is next week! I’m pretty excited to watch everyone open their presents. I love it. I love seeing people excited and happy with gifts, it fills me with joy. And what better way to spend this wonderful holiday than making others happy? What’s your favorite thing at Christmas?


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