TT: Happy New Year

Thankful Thursday Logo bWhen my blog alarm went off the boys were having fun on the computer so I let them, and then promptly got distracted. So here it is two days later, but the feelings haven’t changed.

Starting a new year always leads to reflection (at least I think it does for everyone, maybe I’m wrong). We think back on the year and see the good, the highlights, sometimes with a few low lights. And then we think on to what might be this year.

This year we let the boys stay up until 10pm and did a little countdown and party with sparkling cider. It was a lot of fun seeing them excited and having fun. And yes they were very grumpy the next morning- they don’t know how to sleep in. This year we missed seeing the ball drop, but better than that I got to play games late into wee hours with my very best friend, DrH. We had some great family time on New Years, finally have some snow, and I only had to work half day on New Years Eve. And with the snow the boys got to go out back and snowboard down the hill. Santa brought another so now they don’t have to take turns.

And in all this reflection and looking forward to new adventures I got to have one of those awesome moments when you feel incredible blessed and happy. And it got to last. I still feel nervous about where we’ll match, and I have no idea what this year will bring, but I know there will be plenty of blessings stuffed in along the way.

Happy New Year!


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