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Tonight we have found out that our spunky beta, Puddles, is sick. He seems likely to die sometime this next week, and so we talked to the boys to prepare them for this. The oldest is in tears, while the younger one is dealing internally with it. It’s interesting to see them grieve in different ways. And as a mom it breaks my heart to see them sad, but I’m also glad that they can learn in a small way the comings and goings in life. In my church we believe that death is not the end of our lives. More like a doorway to pass through. And in the end we will all be reunited.

I told the boys its a bit like moving far away. You don’t get to see them for a long while, but that you can one day. I’m so grateful for this testimony I have of Jesus Christ and resurrection through him. The knowledge that families can be together forever, and not just until death do us part. Even though I have had little experience in my life with the death of one close to me, I have felt the truth of this gospel principle. I have seen so many I know have to deal much more directly with it than I have, and their testimonies, and strength in enduring heartbreaking loss has strengthened my own testimony in Jesus Christ and God’s plan for us. I know that death is not the end. I know we will get to see our loved ones again, and that they will be the people we knew here on earth, just as when we die we will still be ourselves with our same personalities and quirks.jesus-christ-39623-print

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