TT: The Match!

Thankful Thursday Logo bIt’s finally here! Tomorrow we find out where we match for residency. It’s so weird to think that we are at the end of the med school portion of this journey. It always seemed like something in the distant future. And now it’s actually our turn, we’re not seeing it happen to someone else, it’s happening to us!

It’s a bit like having kids get older and hit certain milestones. You think to yourself “I’m not old enough to have a kid ___ age, or doing _______” I keep thinking I’m dreaming and that DrH still has endless years of school. But no, this is his last few months of Med School, and of College of any kind! (only 12 years of college total). I don’t even know what it feels like for him not to be going to school, lol. But I’m super excited for the recognition of all our hard work. And mostly just excited to finally find out where we’re going for residency. And to finally start making plans about it.

Good luck to all 2016 med grads/matches!


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