TT: Selling

Thankful Thursday Logo bSo we have a house out West. We bought it long before med school was on the table. And when we moved to New England for school, we couldn’t sell our house at the time. So we rented it out. These last renters were pretty hard on the property. So it took way longer to get on the market than we thought it would. But we finally got it on last week, and in the first 2 days we had 17 showings and 2 offers, with the 3rd day giving 4 more showings and 2 more offers.

We knew the market was good for selling right now, but we still didn’t expect everything to happen so quickly or for the 1st 2 offers to be above asking. Huzzah! Here’s hoping everything goes through with this contract, it’ll give us a way to have a down payment in our new area. Yay for not paying rent (which is higher than mortgages) over the next 5 years!

God knows what He’s doing. Knowing that selling now was going to be way better for us than selling 4 years ago. Not just because of the market, but because the sale gives a way to have our own home in the Mid West. I am thankful for times like these, when the Lord allows me to see why dealing with certain trials is actually better for me temporally. And that’s not to mention it helping me grow stronger in life, grow closer to the Lord, and have more faith.


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