TT: A New State

Thankful Thursday Logo bWell, we’ve made it. Got into the new state on Saturday. Checked into the hotel for our long term, temporary stay while we figure out where to really live. It’s been crazy, and it’s just the beginning. And oh man! did we luck out on hotels. Seriously this hotel rocks! Pool, small work out room, free breakfast… but not just any breakfast, actual breakfast you want to eat and enjoy! Plus a theater, and 3 nights a week they have free dinner too! Not to mention laundry, that you don’t have to pay for! No. Change. Necessary. Just their machines, your clothes and your soap. This is how EVERY hotel should be. This place also has the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered anywhere. It really helps being stuck in this transitional time when you have a pretty sweet place to live while you figure everything out.

It’s been stressful, but not nearly as emotionally draining as when we moved to New England. I’m grateful that we’ve had this place to help us start our transition. It’s been helpful for the kids to be entertained while we work out millions of logistics. It’s been nice to have a comfy bed and some free meals. We’re still beginning this transition, not to mention new adventure of living in the Mid-West. But I’d say it’s off to a good start.




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