More About LDS Faith

jesus-christ-39623-printThe full name of the church I belong to is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Saints is not used in the way most people think of it, like use of Catholic saints, but is a representation of the people who believe and follow Christ. So basically it means people today who belong to Christ’s church. We believe that this church has been re-established by Christ just like the one He established when He was here on Earth. We do not worship Joseph Smith, or any other prophet. We worship God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. We believe them to be the head of the church, and that the prophets are those they work through. We do, as a church, hold Joseph Smith in high regard for the work he did to bring about the restoration of Christ’s church. And we are grateful for his perseverance and sacrifice to bring us the blessings of having a church headed by Christ. These beliefs logically include (as we believe Christ is the head and this is His church) that the priesthood authority and power have been restored along with revelation, both for the church and world as a whole, and that of personal for each individual.

The term “Mormon” is actually a nick-name given to us by others. It actually started as a derogatory term, but we chose to embrace rather than be offended. It comes from the Book of Mormon. A book that we believe to be another testament of Christ, written by ancient inhabitants of the American Continents. (Whose descendants are the Native Americans) We do prefer, however, the correct name of our church to that of the nick-name. We recognize that it is a long title and so you will see many shorten it to LDS (from the part Latter-Day Saints). These letters should not be confused with the FLDS church, who are a congregation that split off from the LDS church back before Utah became a state. It is the FLDS church who continue to practice polygamy and not the LDS church. The LDS church, though it has been sanctioned by God in the past (according to our beliefs and revelation), we have not practiced polygamy since before Utah became a state, nor do we think it to still be sanctioned by God.

Mostly I’d like you to know that we are regular people, who try our best to become better as time goes on. We do not profess to be perfect, and most of us will acknowledge that we are far from. In fact it has been said by some of our leaders (and I wholly agree with this) that The Lord had a perfect church until He let all of us inside. If you would like to learn more about our beliefs you can go to and if you would like a specific overview you can read what we call the 13 articles of faith. A compiled list of short statements of the basis of our doctrinal beliefs written by Joseph Smith. You can find it here


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