TT: Happy New Year

Thankful Thursday Logo bWhen my blog alarm went off the boys were having fun on the computer so I let them, and then promptly got distracted. So here it is two days later, but the feelings haven’t changed.

Starting a new year always leads to reflection (at least I think it does for everyone, maybe I’m wrong). We think back on the year and see the good, the highlights, sometimes with a few low lights. And then we think on to what might be this year.

This year we let the boys stay up until 10pm and did a little countdown and party with sparkling cider. It was a lot of fun seeing them excited and having fun. And yes they were very grumpy the next morning- they don’t know how to sleep in. This year we missed seeing the ball drop, but better than that I got to play games late into wee hours with my very best friend, DrH. We had some great family time on New Years, finally have some snow, and I only had to work half day on New Years Eve. And with the snow the boys got to go out back and snowboard down the hill. Santa brought another so now they don’t have to take turns.

And in all this reflection and looking forward to new adventures I got to have one of those awesome moments when you feel incredible blessed and happy. And it got to last. I still feel nervous about where we’ll match, and I have no idea what this year will bring, but I know there will be plenty of blessings stuffed in along the way.

Happy New Year!


TT: Anniversary

Thankful Thursday Logo bI can’t believe it’s really been 12 years. Sometimes it feels like we’ve always been together, yet it also feels like it can’t really be 12 years already. I can’t imagine having to spend these past 12 years with anyone else. Life hasn’t taken us where we thought we’d be. We’ve had many ups and downs. But instead of the struggles pulling us apart, we’ve come together to get through them.

DrH is so patient with my quirks and awkwardly shy personality. He puts up with my insecurities and fears. He helps me be a better person. I love him! And am forever grateful for these 12 years with him by my side. I’m grateful that we didn’t let our trials drive us to divorce. Here’s to another 12 years just as wonderful, and an eternity of getting to be together.

TT: Last Summer?

Thankful Thursday Logo bThis summer has been amazing so far. Sadly it will most likely be our last one here. But we’re trying to make the most of it. We’ve been able to hit up some “one last times,” and a few “do it before we leave.” And it’s not over yet!030

We have been so blessed to live in this wonderful area for 3 years now. I’m not quite sure how we’ll be able to live anywhere else after all the amazing times we’ve had and the wonderful surroundings that come with this place. It has definitely been a roller coaster, but the high’s have more than compensated for the lows. And the struggles, friends and area have helped us come together, be closer and get stronger as individuals and as a family.032

I’m extremely grateful for our time here, and also for the time we have left. Hopefully we will be able to hit all our bucket list items before we go. A piece of me will always belong here, and I’m sad that another chapter of life will have to end. But this chapter has taught me many things, and hopefully I can dwell more on the adventure of the next chapter a bit more this time. But, until then I mean to enjoy and savor the last of this one!

Catching small frogs

Catching small frogs

Playing in the ocean with our best friends. Just some of the fun while they visited.

Playing in the ocean with our best friends. Just some of the fun while they visited.

TT: Quick-y

Thankful Thursday Logo bI don’t have much time this morning, and the house is full of fighting kids sounds. But I am grateful for all the wonderful time we have had with our best friends. This has been an amazing 2 weeks and I’m sad to see it ending. But it’s hard to be too sad about it all when I think of all the fun time we’ve been blest to have.

TT: Best Friends

Thankful Thursday Logo bMy best friend, M, and her family are out here for a visit. This is there first time getting to come out and see the beautiful place we live, and I am more than happy that they are here. It’s been fun showing them around town and to places close by. They’ve been here almost a week and we have another to go. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get to see her and spend this much time with them! Her oldest is also my oldest’s best friend, and they have been loving every minute of getting to spend so much time together too.

I really don’t know how I’m going to handle when they leave and DrH goes back to work all at the same time, but right now I’m so so so grateful to have them all here and have adventures and fun with them all.

TT: Today

Yesterday I could leave the room and they wouldn’t have moved. Tomorrow they will be the ones leaving and me the one staying put.Thankful Thursday Logo b

Why is it so hard to be present in today? Our minds always in the past or the future. Always waiting for it to get better, next time, last time, the next big thing, the good old days. Rarely content to enjoy today, to see what we have now.

Today We LiveYesterday I had to watch them constantly, change diapers, potty train, feed, buckle up. Yesterday they miss-said words in the cutest possible way! They couldn’t walk or talk, then they learned. Yesterday was filled with depression, loneliness, waiting for pre-DrH to get off work, for friends to get off work. Yesterday we hadn’t the time or money to go anywhere. Yesterday we were married, had 2 babies, and much love. Yesterday there was ups and downs, trials and blessings, struggles and good times. Yesterday I lived by my best friend. Yesterday they learned to ride bikes, made friends, brought me joy and laughter (and frustration!!!).

Tomorrow they will go out into the world. They will be changing diapers and potty training their kids. Tomorrow they will know more words than me. They will walk and talk to change the world. Tomorrow I’ll have to be one of those who work. Tomorrow we will go more places than ever before. Tomorrow we will still be married, and my babies will have babies of their own, and we will still have much love. Tomorrow will also have ups and downs, trials and blessings, struggles and good times. Tomorrow my health will decline, my friends will die. Tomorrow my best friend will come for a visit. Tomorrow they will make me proud of the men they have become!

Today though, today they buckle themselves, wipe their own butts, and still let me hug them in public. Today they are still little and innocent. They make me sweet cards and tell cute stories. They are filled with wonder and curiosity. Today I get some time to relax and do some things I want. Today I get to see them grow up. Today we have gotten to see some amazing places and make memories for tomorrow’s yesterdays. Today I have help for my depression and friends to hang with who also don’t have to work. Today has ups and downs, trials and blessings, struggles and good times. Today I am grateful for today! Today I am blessed.

20 Things To Remember When Your Wife Is Overwhelmed

20 Things To Remember When Your Wife Is Overwhelmed

I read this post this morning, and thought I’d share it here. It’s really great, and I whole heartedly agree with all 20.

For a sneak peak here’s #14

14.  SHE MAY FORGET YOU AREN’T A GIRL: Girls like girl talk. And if at a moment she feels like she doesn’t have any girls to talk to… you’re gonna be the girlfriend for a minute. She may need a fashion tip and she may need to share a big secret or gossip. It’s only because you’re her best friend and she knows you can handle it.

Seriously people go check it out. You won’t regret it.