Making it Home

Honestly I did not expect it to be so long between posts. But i guess a new house will do that to you. That and regular life starting too.

The kids are in school, the hubs is at work (as always), and our new house is slowly becoming out home. Most of the paint we want is up, new carpets for the bedrooms are being taken care of as I type, and hopefully we’ll have bedrooms 100% set up this weekend. B2 has been sleeping in what will become our computer room/library. We moved him there to paint his room, and since the carpet was only a week later, we’ve left him there. With all the bedrooms currently not in the bedrooms, the house seems cramped, but that’s ok cuz it soon won’t be, and the fugly carpets are going away. Yay! (and hopefully with it, my allergies that kicked up yesterday and don’t seem to want to settle down.)

Here’s some of what we’ve been working on… Unpacking, taking down built ins, new dining chairs, getting rid of grandma pink, and finally a sample of what life was like this morning after getting everything out of bedrooms. (please ignore that they are horrid phone pictures, it’s all I had energy for, and by that I mean I need a better phone camera)



So a couple weeks back we decided to find a place to enjoy a family walk. And of course the boys (all 3) had to go Pokemon hunting. Aka Pokemoning. (just a term I’m coining. No? ok) It was a great way to get out and NOT hear complaining the whole time. Usually a few minutes in if they are bored or hot, or both, B1 and 2 want to know when we’ll be done and can go home. But if they even think they’re having fun…IMG_2382We had a fun time, we found a new place to enjoy, and the boys caught tonz of Pokemon. As for me? Well this is the type of Pokemon I caught.

Welcome to the Hotel California

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and seen people come down for the free breakfast in their pajamas? Maybe you’ve seen someone walking around with their hair up in a towel. Maybe they have a hamper or two on their hip. Maybe their hair is in the towel, a hamper on each hip and a bright pink workout bra is peaking out on their shoulders. I would like to say hi, we’re the people living in the hotel. Welcome to our home. (and I may, or may not, have done all of the previous things)

We’ve only lived here for a little more than a week 2 weeks (yes, I’ve been that slow at getting this posted), and I have to say it’s definitely a unique experience. We’ve stayed in hotels several times before, but staying a night or a few is very different than living in a hotel. Even if it’s only been a week 2 weeks so far. Our plan was to stay in some type of temporary place until we could find a home to buy. We’ll be in this lovely state for at least 5 years, so it makes sense to us. Our temporary place ending up being this fantastic hotel. And it’s unlike anything.

It’s a bit like living in an apartment, except that you don’t have a full apartment. And you share breakfast with your family and your closest 20 strangers. And honestly it’s harder to live in a hotel than you think. It sounds fun, and honestly it’s not too bad, but it’s not as fun as you might think. Extended time at close quarters. Being on a long vacation, except you don’t have money to do anything because you aren’t actually on vacation. You try to live real life, but it’s surreal since your in a hotel. Weird, sometimes fun, sometimes boring you to death.  And like life, much nicer when you have friends to do things with. But that’s a story for another post…

Grumpy House

This house is grumpy today! Has been the last couple of days. I think it’s time for Spring Break to be over and kids go back to school. I mean I love having several days in a row of fighting and fussing… but… oh wait, no I don’t. But as we near moving I think this type of attitude is to be expected more than usual. The boys are probably feeling nervous about the new area and making friends, and sad to leave the friends and places here. But they don’t even know that’s what’s going on inside them right now. They just know they feel emotional and easily upset. And as 6 and 9 yr olds they don’t even know how to handle feelings.

Deep breaths.

But things are finally starting to fall into place with everything that’s going on right now. We’re under contract with selling our house out West (post coming soon), I think we may have finally found a temporary place to live as we figure out this new area, we still get a little bit of packing done each week, and DrH is healing from a hernia repair (as if we didn’t already have enough to deal with). I only have 2 1/2 weeks of work left, my parents will be coming out for graduation, and I think we have our road trip figured out for stops to see fun things as we move. Plus my dad or both parents may be able to road trip with us which will be fun for them and great memories for the kids. And we get to see them that much longer.


Eclipse 1With the eclipse coming I knew I wanted to take some good pictures. Not the tiny dot of a moon pictures, but big moon. So I set out on the trusty old net to see how to get the moon looking bigger than what I’d previously gotten. I found out that it’s all in the length of zoom. My best is 200. It’s a pretty good zoom, but for the moon still not quite what I wanted. The best I saw was 800, and it was beautiful, but only a dream for me. And even 400 (double what I had) seemed like a dream, a new lens is not in the budget. Even a teleconverter (lens that goes between your camera and lens to increase your length- 1.4 or 2 times) was out.Eclipse 2 Or so I thought. I found that I could rent one online for a reasonable price, and shipping? it included both ways. Yay! Break out my happy dance, I could now take pictures at 400 with a 2x teleconverter for $50-$60 (3 day period rental). And so I did. Yes. I could have rented a longer focal length lens, but they were a bit pricier and DrH is still in med school after all. Eclipse 3I packed up the family and set off to take pictures. The boys loved staying up late and running around a field in the dark. They also thought seeing the earth’s shadow was cool. Before it got too late we settled them on a blanket with pillows and covered them with another blanket. And they drifted off to sleep under the stars as I continued to take pictures. These are my faves at different stages of the eclipse from Sunday night. (still cropped in from the original)

TT: Long Weekend Fun

Is it Thursday already?! It seems like it was just barely last Thursday.038So over the long weekend we enjoyed some fun family time. We tried our hand a local hike. It was said to be one of the easier ones on this particular mountain, but holy cow! We didn’t make it to the top like I’d hoped, but we did get pretty far. It’s funny, I sort of found out that I’m not much of a fan of moderately hard hikes. I much prefer the leisurely stuff where you get to really enjoy the surroundings, not just passing it while trying to get through the hike. But after all is said and done we did have fun together.Thankful Thursday Logo bAnd then Monday we did a trip to Plymouth. I didn’t even realize it was Labor Day until a few days before the weekend. So this trip to see how the Pilgrims and Indians lived got moved up. It was so much fun learning more about it, and really getting the feel of how it was back then. Seriously recommend it to anyone!039 040 041 042 043

TT: Last Summer?

Thankful Thursday Logo bThis summer has been amazing so far. Sadly it will most likely be our last one here. But we’re trying to make the most of it. We’ve been able to hit up some “one last times,” and a few “do it before we leave.” And it’s not over yet!030

We have been so blessed to live in this wonderful area for 3 years now. I’m not quite sure how we’ll be able to live anywhere else after all the amazing times we’ve had and the wonderful surroundings that come with this place. It has definitely been a roller coaster, but the high’s have more than compensated for the lows. And the struggles, friends and area have helped us come together, be closer and get stronger as individuals and as a family.032

I’m extremely grateful for our time here, and also for the time we have left. Hopefully we will be able to hit all our bucket list items before we go. A piece of me will always belong here, and I’m sad that another chapter of life will have to end. But this chapter has taught me many things, and hopefully I can dwell more on the adventure of the next chapter a bit more this time. But, until then I mean to enjoy and savor the last of this one!

Catching small frogs

Catching small frogs

Playing in the ocean with our best friends. Just some of the fun while they visited.

Playing in the ocean with our best friends. Just some of the fun while they visited.