TT: Surviving

Thankful Thursday Logo bDrH left Tuesday morning before people should have to get up for his 2 weeks of residency interviews. So this week I am grateful for surviving being a single parent. It’s been really helpful to have a few things lined up with friends so far. It gives me something to look forward to, and something fun to distract me from missing him.

Honestly it’s been better so far than I thought it would be. But of course we’re only a few days into the 2 weeks, so I can’t speak for how I’ll be feeling at the end of all this. For now? Celebrate how it’s going.

The stint of photo shoots has died down with the leaves dropping, but the weather this week has been gorgeous!!!!! It’s hard to believe with this weather we are in November, but I’m not complaining! And before it starts getting cold and snowy, here are some more pictures from the Fall.049 050 051 052 053


TT: Small Wins

Thankful Thursday Logo bInterview season has started and next week DrH leaves for a two week stent of interviews (sarcastic yay). Yes I’m grateful he has them, but no I’m not excited for him to be gone that long. We are not the type of couple that is cool to be away from each other for so long. In fact this will be the longest period of separation for us since he proposed. But today he is home, so I’m trying to focus on that. Trying.

In other news, I have grown up a year. Lol, I had my birthday last week, and even though it wasn’t exactly how I expected it was still pretty good. My sis-in-law and her hubs had a nice visit during that time, and we got to show them around for the peak of Fall.

I’ve been dealing with medication change this past month as well. I had been at the top dosing for Zoloft, and felt I needed a slight change. Mostly it was great, but would still be somewhat ineffective the week leading up to my cycle (pretty sure you all wanted to know that). So we’ve switched to Prozac, the dose to start with wasn’t quite equivalent for me, so it’s still a work in progress. But I am still able to function so that’s a positive, and by switching I found I had a side effect I didn’t realize was caused by the Zoloft that I don’t with the Prozac. So yay another positive.

TT: More Family Photos

It’s seriously been crazy how I’ve gotten several shoots out of no where. But I’m grateful for the extra money to help out this year. With DrH going on so many interviews for residency we’ve definitely needed it.

This past week I had 2 more. They are such fun families who love to laugh together.043010 026 003

TT: Fall

Crisp morning air, apple cider, pumpkin everything. Beautiful colors spreading everywhere. I am sad that this will probably be our last fall here, but so grateful to enjoy it one last time. I can never get enough of the fall colors! I’ve seen tree’s half green, half red. Neon colors, soft colors, vivid colors, and everything in between. 046We went to a close mountain last week to see the valley in color. It hadn’t quite peaked yet, so part way up you had a drastic change. On one side summer, and then quite suddenly you were surrounded by fall. As you know I love the fall. And now it will always be linked in my mind with this beautiful place. The place of the most beautiful falls. The place everyone thinks of as the quintessential place for fall. And I got to live it for four years!

Can you see summer in the distance?

Can you see summer in the distance?


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