TT: Cooking Skills

Thankful Thursday Logo bSo I want to start out with a small math problem for you. Ready?

Alarm+kids on pc=me forgetting to blog

Pretty good equation. And now for your regularly scheduled program…

This week I am thankful for the ability to make real Mexican food. I grew up in a state that its readily available, and ranged from authentic to Americanized. And all of it delicious. Now I live in a place that doesn’t even know what horchata is. And if you don’t either you don’t know what your missing. Creamy deliciousness in a glass. Its a cinnamon rice milk and I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeee it. And I’ve missed it dearly. Luckily I found a recipe for it. Not just any recipe, a good one. It’s not quite the same as at the restaurant, but its still super good. One good thing about having to move soon, is that no matter where we end up it’ll have better Mexican food than here. And then I’ll be able to buy it instead of make it.


I miss tamales, they don’t even have the horrid frozen kind. T-minus 4 1/2 months till the real deal.