Guess what?! No… we still live in a hotel! But in better news we will soon be homeless. I’m so excited! No, really. Everything is still on track for our home out West to close on Monday. And we won’t have to worry about it anymore. YAY!

Theoretically we also close this next week on our new home here, but instead of getting to write a Thankful Thursday post about it yesterday (and how this time next week I won’t be living in a hotel), I got to comfort my husband and try not to freak out inside. The underwriter, loan officer, whoever, that we are dealing with for our loan is being a jerk face. We have given them everything but our fist born, and they still want us to jump through some hoops. UGH!!!!!! So we sit here worried that they won’t actually give us the loan they said we could have to buy the home we should close on next week. STRESS!!!!!!ING!!!!!!!!!!!OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep breaths, and positive thoughts.

Apparently God wants me to change my attitude about life. I keep wanting  things to go more smoothly and people to chill out. But that’s NEVER how things go for us. Like ever. It’s always a hassle, and extra work on our part. So jealous of you people that just have things go right. Anywho… Apparently God wants me to chillax myself and be ok with things taking extra time and steps and stress and hassle.  Maybe one day I’ll learn that lesson. But every time I just keep thinking that “this time things are going to work out and go smoothly.” HA! So fingers crossed we can still buy this house, cuz I sorta already signed the kids up for school.

Happy Friday everyone!


TT: Independance Day

03Happy Birthday ‘Merica! Thanks for letting us be free to be weird, crazy and just plain make fools of ourselves whenever and wherever we please. There are many things in this country I find annoying and complain about, but that’s just how family is, and this country is one big, crazy family. As a whole it’s a great place to live! And I am grateful for the freedoms we enjoy, and grateful to the men and women who continue to protect those freedoms.

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Welcome to the Hotel California

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and seen people come down for the free breakfast in their pajamas? Maybe you’ve seen someone walking around with their hair up in a towel. Maybe they have a hamper or two on their hip. Maybe their hair is in the towel, a hamper on each hip and a bright pink workout bra is peaking out on their shoulders. I would like to say hi, we’re the people living in the hotel. Welcome to our home. (and I may, or may not, have done all of the previous things)

We’ve only lived here for a little more than a week 2 weeks (yes, I’ve been that slow at getting this posted), and I have to say it’s definitely a unique experience. We’ve stayed in hotels several times before, but staying a night or a few is very different than living in a hotel. Even if it’s only been a week 2 weeks so far. Our plan was to stay in some type of temporary place until we could find a home to buy. We’ll be in this lovely state for at least 5 years, so it makes sense to us. Our temporary place ending up being this fantastic hotel. And it’s unlike anything.

It’s a bit like living in an apartment, except that you don’t have a full apartment. And you share breakfast with your family and your closest 20 strangers. And honestly it’s harder to live in a hotel than you think. It sounds fun, and honestly it’s not too bad, but it’s not as fun as you might think. Extended time at close quarters. Being on a long vacation, except you don’t have money to do anything because you aren’t actually on vacation. You try to live real life, but it’s surreal since your in a hotel. Weird, sometimes fun, sometimes boring you to death.  And like life, much nicer when you have friends to do things with. But that’s a story for another post…

Grumpy House

This house is grumpy today! Has been the last couple of days. I think it’s time for Spring Break to be over and kids go back to school. I mean I love having several days in a row of fighting and fussing… but… oh wait, no I don’t. But as we near moving I think this type of attitude is to be expected more than usual. The boys are probably feeling nervous about the new area and making friends, and sad to leave the friends and places here. But they don’t even know that’s what’s going on inside them right now. They just know they feel emotional and easily upset. And as 6 and 9 yr olds they don’t even know how to handle feelings.

Deep breaths.

But things are finally starting to fall into place with everything that’s going on right now. We’re under contract with selling our house out West (post coming soon), I think we may have finally found a temporary place to live as we figure out this new area, we still get a little bit of packing done each week, and DrH is healing from a hernia repair (as if we didn’t already have enough to deal with). I only have 2 1/2 weeks of work left, my parents will be coming out for graduation, and I think we have our road trip figured out for stops to see fun things as we move. Plus my dad or both parents may be able to road trip with us which will be fun for them and great memories for the kids. And we get to see them that much longer.

TT: It’s not Wednesday!

Thankful Thursday Logo bYou know the stigma that is attached to Mondays? Yeah, Wednesdays are like that for me. I don’t know why. It’s not my first day of the work week, it’s not my hump day, yes it’s a bit of a longer day for me, but so is Friday. So why am I always emotionally drained when I get home? Why do I hate getting up and ready even more that day of the week? I have no idea, but that’s how it goes. Every week. E-v-e-r-y   w-e-e-k!

And so today, I’m just glad it’s Thursday and not Wednesday. Let’s skip it next time.

TT: Letting Go

Thankful Thursday Logo bLetting it go. Believe it or not it’s a skill that can be learned. I used to be pretty bad at it. Subconsciously holding on to things I thought I had let go. Only to find the “wound” re-opened and deepened the next time something similar came along. Finding myself feeling not only the hurt from this particular hurt, but the one (or more) from before from the same person.

Over the past 2-3 years I’ve learned how to actually do it. It’s not always easy, but so worth it. And I still struggle here and there with it, but comparatively I’m so much better at it now. And instead of my subconscious validating that “see I told you so” feeling, I have more peace. I am happier with my relationships in life, and I spend less time feeling hurt.Danger Ex[ectations AheadA few things that helped me to learn this skill: 1 Stop making unrealistic expectations for others. I kept waiting, and expecting my family to see my feelings in certain ways, or for them to understand why and just how much my disappointment was from this time or that when they let me down. After moving across the country I expected them to treat me differently when we came to visit than when we lived by them. And I was disappointed and hurt when that didn’t happen. Then as I was learning to let go we had our second visit to see them. This time I went expecting them to be them, to be annoyed at all the little things that have always annoyed me. And to not care, because I was there for me and my family, and we were going to have fun with or without them. And you know what? It was the best visit ever. The subsequent visits have been great, but this one stands out since it was the first. We all got along better, I didn’t worry about the annoying stuff, or care, and it was great!

2 Find a way to make it funny. Honestly my family is exceptionally good at being sarcastic. And sometimes it got old to me, because it starting feeling sincere from them, and not just sarcastic. But instead of getting mad that they wanted to complain a lot about us also seeing friends while we were out (yes our best friends live there too, and yes we’re going to give them a generous amount of time- these are life long type friends!)… anyway back to it. Instead of being mad that that’s how they were spending the time they had with me, or that they didn’t understand that we only have a short amount of time to spread between everyone, I would switch how I thought about it. And respond in a way that would make me laugh. Like “oh, I’ve missed you too. Don’t worry this isn’t my last day with you.” (and of course say it slightly sarcastically since it’s funny, and that’s how my family communicates) When you find ways to make things funny, it’s easier to stay calm, not get angry and not feel hurt. When my kids fight lately, instead of getting upset I start singing an awesome rendition of “Kung Fu Fighting.” Everybody was kung fu fighting. They thought they were fast as lightning. But them mommy came and spanked their butts. And they cried out all their little guts. They stop fighting and I’m left laughing at my clever, funny awesomeness.693 See it from their view. Like in number one above, when my family complained at me that we were also going to see some friends I was upset that they didn’t understand that we had a whole life there that we had left. (and when I say complained, I mean that it was brought up at least 5 times a day on our first trip out) I felt like they weren’t using the time we had together well, and I was sick of them being mad at me for wanting to see other people in our lives. My brother’s had lived out of state for many years, and it didn’t seem like anyone had a problem with them seeing their old friends. But then I started viewing their complaining, not as complaining, but as them doing a horrible job communicating how much they missed us. And I understood them. And didn’t take it personal that they were upset, but saw instead that they missed me, and loved me. And they didn’t know how to handle or communicate it well.

Hopefully these tips can help you start learning this skill. Let me know what you think, if there’s a tip you have or if these ones help. I’m far from great at this skill, but so thankful to have so much of it compared to a few short years ago. And grateful to be reminded to keep working on it.

TT: Cooking Skills

Thankful Thursday Logo bSo I want to start out with a small math problem for you. Ready?

Alarm+kids on pc=me forgetting to blog

Pretty good equation. And now for your regularly scheduled program…

This week I am thankful for the ability to make real Mexican food. I grew up in a state that its readily available, and ranged from authentic to Americanized. And all of it delicious. Now I live in a place that doesn’t even know what horchata is. And if you don’t either you don’t know what your missing. Creamy deliciousness in a glass. Its a cinnamon rice milk and I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeee it. And I’ve missed it dearly. Luckily I found a recipe for it. Not just any recipe, a good one. It’s not quite the same as at the restaurant, but its still super good. One good thing about having to move soon, is that no matter where we end up it’ll have better Mexican food than here. And then I’ll be able to buy it instead of make it.


I miss tamales, they don’t even have the horrid frozen kind. T-minus 4 1/2 months till the real deal.