Making it Home

Honestly I did not expect it to be so long between posts. But i guess a new house will do that to you. That and regular life starting too.

The kids are in school, the hubs is at work (as always), and our new house is slowly becoming out home. Most of the paint we want is up, new carpets for the bedrooms are being taken care of as I type, and hopefully we’ll have bedrooms 100% set up this weekend. B2 has been sleeping in what will become our computer room/library. We moved him there to paint his room, and since the carpet was only a week later, we’ve left him there. With all the bedrooms currently not in the bedrooms, the house seems cramped, but that’s ok cuz it soon won’t be, and the fugly carpets are going away. Yay! (and hopefully with it, my allergies that kicked up yesterday and don’t seem to want to settle down.)

Here’s some of what we’ve been working on… Unpacking, taking down built ins, new dining chairs, getting rid of grandma pink, and finally a sample of what life was like this morning after getting everything out of bedrooms. (please ignore that they are horrid phone pictures, it’s all I had energy for, and by that I mean I need a better phone camera)


TT: Projects

Thankful Thursday Logo bSo first off, DrH is got back this week, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to all be together!!!!!!!!!! Plus we finally got to go see the new Bond flick. I was sad to have to wait 2 weeks to see it, but I wouldn’t want to see it with anyone else.

As for the rest of today’s post – projects! Remember me mentioning them last week? Well today I’m super thankful that the latest one is done. I learned a lot by revamping these furniture pieces, and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully I’ll remember my lessons and use the easier ways on subsequent projects. Please excuse my bad phone pictures now…

So 1st up… the lame small bookshelf. 058Basically Walmart grade. I wanted to put in a better and funner back, plus get rid of the cheap laminate look. So we headed off to our local hardware stores to find some boards that we thick enough without being too thick. Ok first I thought I’d use an old pallet, but 2×4’s are too thick for me on this one. Next up I set up an area on the back porch, sanded, stained and painted away. And then more cuz I was learning. I learned that staining then painting then sanding off edges for a distressed look just takes the stain off too. So either hand sand for the distress or know you’ll have to stain after.056See how blond the edges got? Not stopping me though. Got it looking how I wanted and attached them together and to the back. But after I painted the main parts. I used some chalk paint for the off white because I wanted to try it out, and I heard it adheres well to anything. I actually had a bit left over from painting a crate, but could tell I wouldn’t like how yellow it looked. I LOVE off white. So I got some brighter white and mixed it with what I had to get just the right color. And I LOVE IT! See the edges of the old color? The middle is clearly a better off white.057I finished everything off with 3 coats of polycrylic- water based version of polyurethane. Now it’s beautiful and protected, and polycrylic doesn’t yellow over time like polyurethane.055

As for the latest project? The coffee table. I wanted to lighten it up, give it distressing, use French love wording, and maybe something over top that. I came up with 2 birds on a branch inspired by what I found here.

I drew it out big enough for my table, ordered some blank stencil material to make it into a stencil, and cut it out. If I ever want to do that again… remind that I don’t! I should have just got the sticker from the site above. Or just free-handed it. It was a lot of work to cut out, and then I had to clean up the edges with a small brush anyway. Oh well, after painting it a million times I finally got the last coat of polycrylic on today!!!!! So glad to have it done, and super pleased with how it turned out.

Not too bad but maybe here you can see why it needed some cleaning up.064

On this one, I learned I have a heavy hand. So I can’t just add a little bit of glaze and be done. No I have to go over it again with my base color then do some wiping, and sanding to get a hint of it. Luckily I was just doing this on the base of the table not the top, so I didn’t have to redo the top after putting the tree on.065