Sidekick Challenge

I thought that I wouldn’t get into writing posts from challenges and the like for a little while. But reading this week’s challenge from The Daily Post I really wanted to do this one. I started following it now just as a place for inspiration, and connection. But this challenge really spoke to me. First off it’s titled My Dear Watson, and let’s be honest I LOVE SHERLOCK! And I’m not even talking BBC series of it. I’ve read all the books a couple of times, and love the new movies with Robert Downey Jr., and (I know sacrilege to some) haven’t really seen the BBC stuff. Well I saw part of one, Hounds of Baskerville, and had a really a hard time with ALL the MANY changes they made to that beloved story. Though I admit I need to give it another try. But I digress.

Ok so know that you know my obsession with Sherlock, after getting past that part I liked that the prompt was about writing about someone you can’t do without in your life. I am lucky enough to have many good people in my life who make it infinitely better, and make me infinitely better too. But there are two that ALWAYS immediately come to my mind with things like this. My fantastic husband who I’ll refer to as DrH (aka Doctor Husband since he’s training to become one) and my very best friend (who really is the best!) I’ll refer to as M.

I could not live without these two in my life. I know that super heroes and sidekicks usually come in pairs, but. . . . These two are my super heroes. I don’t think of them as sidekicks ever, in fact it’s pretty much the opposite.


DrH and Super M to the rescue!

So first try to imagine the hottest, smartest guy you know (combine those if two different people lol) and that’s my DrH. He takes care of so many things in our lives that I could never, things that I plain don’t want to, and sometimes just things in general. He has held me up (and our little family) through my depression and secondary infertility. He helped me to get help. He puts up with all my many quirks and weaknesses and still he loves me. He plays with the boys after a long day (ave 12-14 hr days)  even though he’s tired. He rarely has time for himself. He is my hero! He makes me laugh (even though I usually just roll my eyes at him) and he makes me better. He is my rock.

As for M, she is funny, kind, caring, beautiful. I can share anything with her and she doesn’t judge, she understands. She lets me lean on her when I need to. She makes me smile, and I love her hugs. She brings me up when I feel down, and I love every minute we get to have together. We love to laugh and play, and I cherish that her friendship is the kind that we will be friends forever. No really, for ever!

Forever. Forever. Forever. (haha I love Sandlot!)

I am so grateful to have these two in my life! Just like I’m obsessed with Sherlock and Watson, so I am obsessed with having these two in my life. I only hope that I can be as good to them as they are to me.