TT: Visits

The boys have had this week off of school, and so I’ve also had work off. I’d be a crazy lady at this stage, except that my mom was able to come visit this week too. Its been fun showing her a few last things (since we still expect to have to move soon), and for the boys to spend time with her as well. And it’s definitely helped my sanity of a having a week and a half with kids home in the middle of winter.Thankful Thursday Logo b


TT: Work and Fun

Thankful Thursday Logo bAt work they asked me if I wanted to work full time. Exciting stuff, but unfortunately with the situation at home I can’t give quite that many hours. Though I get an extra day, but then get off 1 1/2 hrs early on two of them. This means that I can meet the boys at home after school but still get more hours. And they’ll like it cuz I’ll be about 1 1/2 hours shy of full time so they won’t have to do benefits.068In other areas of life my brother decided to start a photo FB group where we have a topic each month and then take 4 photos on that topic in different genres. He asked if I thought that was a fun idea and so now I get to try growing my skills in a fun way. This month’s theme is B&W. So here’s my favorite barn in B&W. You’ve seen it before with foliage and a better camera here. While the phone doesn’t too bad a job, I’d still like to get a better winter shot of it before we move.