TT: Health

Thankful Thursday Logo bThis week B2 has been sick. Like super sick. Stay at home from school 4 days sick. His tonsils were HUGE! this is not an exaggeration. He had a constant fever. And for 2 of 6 days was a complete lump. Finally today he’s doing much better. Still slightly swollen tonsils, and slight fever. But able to move around, talk, have some personality. Still stayed home today, he was right on that line of he maybe could go to school, but it’s probably better for him to stay home one last day so it doesn’t get worse again. So we did.

Tomorrow though, he’s going back to school. I’m so done with him being sick. Actually I hate when anyone at our house is sick. Being sick is lame! Luckily so far none of the rest of us have gotten this lovely virus. And I hope we don’t. One of us being sick for a week is enough. Plus B1 has his birthday party this Saturday, so anyone being sick would just not work for us right now. So grateful for our health, the fact that our family doesn’t get sick as often as some. So grateful my work totally gets it and was flexible, and that DrH was able to shift some days around so we could tag team staying at home. And super grateful no one else seems to have it!

Here’s to everyone’s health!

Maybe it wouldn’t have lasted so long if we hadn’t gone to the Mardi Gras parade Saturday… but then we wouldn’t have seen Darth Vader in beads.070


TT: Work and Fun

Thankful Thursday Logo bAt work they asked me if I wanted to work full time. Exciting stuff, but unfortunately with the situation at home I can’t give quite that many hours. Though I get an extra day, but then get off 1 1/2 hrs early on two of them. This means that I can meet the boys at home after school but still get more hours. And they’ll like it cuz I’ll be about 1 1/2 hours shy of full time so they won’t have to do benefits.068In other areas of life my brother decided to start a photo FB group where we have a topic each month and then take 4 photos on that topic in different genres. He asked if I thought that was a fun idea and so now I get to try growing my skills in a fun way. This month’s theme is B&W. So here’s my favorite barn in B&W. You’ve seen it before with foliage and a better camera here. While the phone doesn’t too bad a job, I’d still like to get a better winter shot of it before we move.

Freaking Out Inside

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Ours was great. Yummy food and good friends to share it with, I’m sad that we most likely won’t get to do Thanksgiving with them anymore. We’ve had Thanksgiving every year with with my good friend, A, and her family since moving here 4 years ago. Others have joined us randomly but it’s always been our two families. It will be weird and sad to not do it together anymore.

Also new this week, well as of a few hours ago, I have a job interview. What?! I’m sorta freaking out inside. Nervous and excited, it’s been a while since I’ve had to do an interview. But I think it will go well, and the schedule looks like it’s just what I need for a schedule at this time.

Here’s hoping….